Hello All

My name is Todd and I am really excited to see how things go in this space for teachers.

Our Girls & A Summer Day at the Beach

My job is to be a great husband and excellent father. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and two smart and kind daughters. We like to read, hike, garden, play Halo, sing Anime, watch movies, dance, dance, and more dance.

I taught high school English for ten years before finding myself as an instructional designer at a small community college in the vast high desert of Arizona. I live right where I want to be. It is beautiful.

My role at the college is varied. I work with teachers in a variety of venues and share things with them that are used in F2F, hybrid, and online courses. My background in education lends itself more to field trips, experiential learning strategies, crafts, and sitting under trees writing poems. But, I like how computers can add some value to things and I do not ignore that.

I participated in an open online course earlier this year. I was an amazing experience. I developed relationships in this online space that were inspiring and pushed me in my understanding of the internet and how it might be used in “academic” settings.

I am excited by the opportunity to learn in this space over the next year and I look forward to some challenges!


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3 Responses to Hello All

  1. Ralene Friend says:

    Hi Todd – welcome to POT. My name is Ralene. I liked your intro post & look forward to getting to know you. I took my Master’s program online & I loved the sense of community with students from all parts of the world, the flexibility to choose my time of day, & the interesting experience of figuring out each new instructor virtually. It was a very interesting & rewarding experience. That’s why I’m here. I’m a big believer in the process! “See you” in class!

  2. Todd Conaway says:

    In my office here I am looking at a macrame wall hanging my mom made many years ago. It has a quote on it my mom stitched. “Becoming is superior to being.”

    I am a process person too.


  3. Brandon says:

    As I’ve mentioned in other comments this is my first time as a student in an online course (seeing it from the other side), so I’m curious to see what you “experienced” online students have to add to the class. I look forward to reading your posts/comments/whatever.

    Oh, and I’ve recently discovered a love of course design, which is why I’m now roped into it at my department, so I’m interested to look over your link above.