Fun Friday, I Hope!

How about we offer a synchronous event on some Fridays? How about we do it this Friday? I’ll be using the new Collaborate (the software formerly known as Elluminate) interface. If you are interested in seeing it, come along for the ride!

I have seen blogs here of late with the “Sample Page” still visible or unchanged or the “About” page still there but not really accurate. Not to worry if that is you! You can and will learn to make your blog awesome.

I will try to cover some of the blog basics in WordPress and Edublogs. I am more comfortable with WordPress but I will do my homework between now and then. So this Friday, September 9th at 9 am AZ time I will be here. I’ll record the session too if you can’t make it and share it shortly after.

let me know if you have questions or specific concerns ahead of time and I’ll be sure to address them if I can!

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2 Responses to Fun Friday, I Hope!

  1. Brianna says:

    Sounds awesome! I will look forward to watching the recoded sessions. Great offer, thank you! Brianna

  2. Ted Major says:

    Great idea. That looks like 11am here in Alabama, which should be just after my block of Friday am meetings. I’ve played with wordpress a little bit, and I’m test-driving posterous and tumblr this semester, so I’ll contribute what I can.