Recording of Our Fun Friday Meeting

The first six minutes of the recording go over the Collaborate interface and my math anxiety. There is a short tour of our office here in the Verde Valley in the middle of Arizona.

We looked at what makes a good blog post. A personal narrative with links and images or video is a great model. Alan Levine is my favorite blogger. He is witty, smart, thoughtful, and always writes well.

I just had a conversation with the irrepressible Jim Groom, master of all things blog, master of Oblivion, master of “Commenting is the glue that holds the internet together, and master of everything else.  I told him I had just written a sentence that said, “Alan Levine is my favorite blogger.” Jim Exploded. So, after some hugs and make up, I told him I would revise my sentence above to read, Jim Groom and Alan Levine are my favorite bloggers.”

After that we look at some of the basic things that you can change in your blog. We look at how to get rid of the sample page and the “Hello World” blog post that comes by default on new WordPress blogs. We did look at the Edublog environment as well, but spend more time in the WordPress space.

We looked at the theme option and a couple widgets. Time flew and we were finished. Here is the link to the recording!

It is 52 minutes and we had five states represented. Next week we are going to try to have a chat in a Google Doc. I hope to see you there!

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One Response to Recording of Our Fun Friday Meeting

  1. Alan Levine says:

    Jim Groom has insecurity issues. Dogs rule, bava drools