Q & A from Session About Blog Basics?

I am open and ready for business when it comes to questions about the basics of blogging. I’ll try to be prompt in response to questions. You can ask them here in the comment or you can ask them in other ways.

Our Pedagogy First Facebook Group provides a place to ask questions. You can email me at toddconaway@gmail.com or you can Skype me at todd.a.conaway.

We have had a few meetings in Google+ hangouts and you can ask for or create a meeting time to meet there. Those are some more personal ways to get answers. You could also do a Google search for something like “blogging basics.”

We have lots of places to find answers in this class. Let’s take advantage of them!

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One Response to Q & A from Session About Blog Basics?

  1. Lisa M Lane says:

    This is cool – I’m enjoying the hangouts and the Facebook groups has quite a few participants! 🙂