Prezi as Food

I was a cook for a number of years. Mostly at a burger joint, but for a couple years at a finer restaurant. I learned the importance of timing and of listening. As a line cook I have to have things done at a certain time and I had to know where others were and what they were doing.

I also learned the value of appearance. We eat with our eyes. Partly, anyway. I think Prezi offers a something here. I like the “infinite canvas” idea too in that you can see the connections of things from afar, or close up. That is tough with PowerPoint. I also like that as a web based tool it is embeddable and that is can be interacted with. You can make things happen beyond advancing to the next slide.

Neither PowerPoint nor Prezi should be a replacement for a good conversation or a well done presentation. Just putting a PowerPoint file online and calling it a lecture is a sin. One of the things I do not know how to do in Prezi, and I do know how to do in Slideshare, is narrate the thing. See Slideshare below Prezi. I think at this point we should all be narrating the stuff we put on the web. Or at least much of it.

Here is a Prezi with the same name as this blog.


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9 Responses to Prezi as Food

  1. Ross Kendall says:

    Cool stuff Todd. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brianna says:

    This is VERY cool! Loved both presentations! Your voice is very attractive and easy to listenn to, but whenever I put my voice on PP I think I sound horrible – probably why I stray away from it! I think both of your presentations give the viewer a unique experience…each to his own!
    Nice post! Full of GREAT ideas!

  3. Todd Conaway says:


    I think my voice sounds horrible. But, I think everyone thinks their voice sounds horrible…

  4. Laura says:

    Thank you for sharing these examples! It has been interesting reading the many different perspectives this week about Prezi and HTML. Your comment about narrating what we put on the web added another great point to consider. Recently there was an invitation to everyone in this program to post in any way they would like (e.g., written text, audio, video, etc…). Your narrated Slideshare was a fun example of something with audio. Thanks!

  5. coachjohn says:

    Great job, Todd. I appreciated both presentations. I have been in ed. for 30 years. You make more sense than all the ed. p[rofs I’ve ever met. Keep up the good work & thanks for reminding us what ‘education’ really means. Coach John

    • Todd Conaway says:

      Thanks. I did the Loose Cannon thing a while back and it was actually given live to all the faculty at one of our campuses. I think I kinda freaked them out.

      I think play is an important part of learning. All too often we take a all too serious approach to the content. Sometimes fun = enthusiasm and that is infectious.

  6. Love it!!! I also share your point of view that neither Prezi or Power Point should replace a great conversation!!! Great & Thanks!!

    • Todd Conaway says:

      I was happy when I thought that I should replace the “teaching tools” with “learning tools.” As teachers I think we need to be good role models where active engagement in learning is concerned!