NaBloPoMo DeeDoo Wop SheBop

Ok, I’m in. If nothing else, I’ll be so amped up on chocolate for the next 30 days I know I can do this.

All education. All play. All the time. I can do this.

This blog has been where I have been posting to the #potcert11 course and where I shall continue to do so. But rather than once a month…. We will go once a day. So here is day one.

Serendipitous Encounters with the Internet

I have had two such G+ Hangout events in the last two weeks. One was a conversation with Lisa Lane when all of a sudden two of my heroes showed up. I had never met either of them. One is Mikhail Gershovich (@mikhailg) and the other is Zach Dowell (@noiseprofessor). I did not know who Zach was during that conversation and it was only after another G+ hangout that I found out who he was in the Twitterverse.

Anyway, Lisa and the rest of us had a great conversation about teaching and learning and then, a week or two later, I joined a Hangout with Bryan Alexander and Zach Dowell was there too. Both events were unplanned, at least for me, and both were really wonderful conversations with people I greatly admire.

And so how do these strange online encounters help us grow as learners and members of the human community? Well, I am not sure beyond a feeling of joy and community that I was left with after the discussions. You see, I sit in an office a lot….

I am excited to find more of these opportunities to hear other folks and learn. I hope I run into them frequently.

I leave you today, one Day One, with my most recent creation that I shall update shortly. This is a story I had visions of just as the whole ds106 thing really got loose.  Here it is. Goodnight.

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6 Responses to NaBloPoMo DeeDoo Wop SheBop

  1. Laura P. says:

    I had a great time watching this video. Thank you for presenting a real-life example explaining the technology behind the group video you shared! I truly hope others watch your video to see how it was done. It is a great post for a week about collaboration!

  2. Todd Conaway says:

    I want my kid to make one in her own words. It is a hard sell….

    It is good stuff nonetheless!

  3. Clare Atkins says:

    This is inspiring Todd – thanks so much for creating it. I am encouraging our group to take on board the idea of giving students ‘challenges’ rather than assignments and your story illustrates why we should do so! I have shared the youtube link with my colleagues along with a heartfelt email 🙂 Thank you sooo much!

    • Todd Conaway says:

      You are welcome. It was a long time in the making. I kept after my daughter for nearly a year to do it herself. I just read her your comment and she said, “Cool.”

      I like the high expectations and the language of “challenge” rather than “work” or “assignment.” Funny how words can change things.

      Fun conversations today! Thanks for participating.

  4. Michelle Farnam says:

    So cool! I am sure my daughters will be doing something similar one day. She is lucky to have you as her father and mentor. My girls are not so lucky – I don’t know enought about technology yet, yikes!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Erica Duran says:

    This was really great. How creative and cool.

    I love the idea of changing the word “assignment” to “challenges” – you’re right, how much the word can change something.

    This was just fun…thanks!