It is August 7th. It is 3:21 and I am Writing

That’s right, with a Capital “W.”

My goal  for the Program for Online Teaching class is not only to be a better participant in the synchronous spaces, but to simply write more.  I keep extolling the virtues of reflection in our practice/profession as teachers, but the darn truth is I don’t sit and write out my thoughts much. I do however vomit them pretty darn enthusiastically to anyone who will listen to me blabber on about what I think. Looking over that sentence, I suppose I should also listen more.

I did spend some good listening time this summer as my fine family was able to travel around for a few weeks and visit family and the coastal redwoods. We got to visit with my 98 year old grandpa for a few days, I got to see my mom for five days, and then I got to visit my ancient ancestors, theose wonderful redwoods. We sat for five days overlooking the ocean at Patrick’s Point State Park. It is a couple miles from Trinidad, perhaps one of the most scenic little towns ever. And it has a nice beach too. We walked on it.


Super nice and super cool.

We left that lovely beach and headed south. I was able to visit with a former student in Lake Tahoe for a coffee. He was a student about 8 years ago and we hiked lots in the Grand Canyon. He was one of the students who traveled over a hundred miles in that darn canyon with me.  Nice visit. Then we went to Vegas and I attended the Sloan-C conference where I presented a session titled, “The Human Touch and Your Digital Personality.”  We did good. I was able to meet with some #ds106 stars, particularly Michael Branson Smith. He is like a living animated GIF.

So here I am, a month out of the start date of the class, just trying to write complete sentences. I want community. I want to share and learn, talk and struggle, wonder and be dismayed, flourish and jump around.

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