Hello #etmooc

My name is Todd and I get to play with teachers all day. Of course my real job is to be a good father and husband, but the company pays me dollar bills to do what I love.

I thought I would follow in my mother’s footsteps and become a family therapist. At Prescott College I realized that there was much therapy in classrooms, not just math, English and science. Years later, I have realized that like the middle school classroom, working with teachers requires some good background in teaching and learning, some technical skills, and a ton of patience. Perfect.

I am here because I am always interested in what my role models are doing. In this case, Lisa Lane and Alan Levine. I have learned from their examples in life like I learned from the examples in text from Carl Rodgers, Neil Postman, Aflie Kohn, Kurt Vonnegut, and all my other heroes in the world of education.

I can’t wait.

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  1. Always looking to expand my reading list- thanks for the book recommends. See you around the MOOC!