BYOD&A (Bring Your Own Drink & Art)

I really admire what @techsavvyed has done with the ds106 book club and keeping it close to the ds106 network. I have not participated in the events, but they make perfect sense. We have a beautiful community with so much talent. Some of the ds106 classes had weekly or monthly live events and I miss that. So…

I have wondered recently about doing some live poetry readings in Hangouts, but then today I thought we might do more with the words than read them. What if we made mashup/remix/art/readings of the words?  Your own words remixed with images, video, colors, sounds, GIFs for goodness sake, all smashed together! The whole Pagan Pirate thing was words and pictures to begin with! I tried to smash things together.


I still struggle with Hangouts and getting a group to all watch a video at the same time. Don’t have that one figured out yet…

How is this different than any other ds106 assignment with poems? Well, it is only different in that we share them together at a specific time. I do not currently have an example, but I can make one and add it to the assignment bank.

If there is interest we could even have the event once a month? We could even name the event. WE could serve drinks and appetizers. I guess we can see if it works the first time.

  1. We set a date a month out, maybe a few weeks.
  2. We hangout and share our poem/art
  3. We discuss
  4. The end. Maybe do it again

I used to play croquet on Sundays. The only rule was that you had to have a drink in one hand at all times. I figure that could be the rule for the hangout.

Anyone else interested? Anyone? Anyone?

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