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Sorry to miss the opportunity to meet you all in the room, but I am off to attend my awesome daughter’s high school graduation!

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Here is a short introduction in the video below.

From simple to complex, from pedagogy to technology, I can help you with the options available to you when looking to change/improve the structure of your course.

Instructional Design in Higher Education cover
Instructional Design in Higher Education 2016 Report

The report linked above came out last month and looks at what instructional designers do. I have learned over the nine years doing this work that each instructional designer does something slightly different. How they are used at institutions varies and the skills they bring to the table varies. Some skills I admire in instructional designers include years of teaching experience, a good understanding of teaching practices and learning theory, and some good technology skills. I also admire people who work well with other people. Usually, I think I am a good communicator.

I’d be happy to meet with you in your office, in our Learning Technologies Studio, outside on a bench, or over at the Starbucks Beardslee Crossing. I can help over the phone and via email. I enjoy working with faculty and imagining how technologies can be best used in learning environments and in our personal lives.

Lastly, this site has some useful information for faculty. Under the “Writing” tab there are several articles I have written for faculty and under the “Presentations” tab there are some sites I have created for conference presentations. Some of the posts below address issues in teaching and learning, and some are informal pieces about me or my interests.

Please let me know if I can help.

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