I’ll See You at the DML Conference. Somewhere.

dml2016What a fantastic gathering of tinkerers, thinkers, crafters, and educational philosophers! The Digital Media and Learning conference in Irvine California kicks off today. But you know what, I am not there…

But I feel kinda like I am there. I know a number of the people attending. I see the tweets they send with links to resources. I watch the live session they offer for free. I interact on twitter and comment about the topics shared. And that is good. Mostly because I know I need to learn more about this internet and find how and why it is useful. The presenters and most of the participants at the event, along worth the many like myself participating from afar, know more than I do and I need to learn from them.

So what is this conference? Well, you can take a look at some of what they offer here. What is interesting about what they have done here is that they have instructor videos sharing what they heck they will be talking about. Imagine if our university had short videos by instructors talking about the classes they offered. What might a student learn from that? For better or worse, how might it influence their decision to take a class or not? Most colleges have like five sentences about the class available in print or online. That ain’t much. Seems like we could do better at explaining what we are offering and why it is valuable.

Anyway, the DML folks have some wonderful opportunities available on the web for this conference and I am going to take advantage of them.

Where can you learn?

If you are looking for some reading, here is a list of the articles people involved in the DML have written.

They have a heavy presence on Twitter. See Below.

Here is a playlist of the Ignite Talks from last year. No doubt they will have some other great sessions recorded on their YouTube channel located here.

You can the visit the live sessions being offered here with some folks who wander around the world of education and share conference session. You can follow them on Twitter @Vconnecting

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