One Reason I Like “Open” and Norm

I just took a look at a couple of the blogs linked to the POT site and I came across a member who just found the class last week. He is Norm, from Rochester, NY. He can be found here.

What I like about the post and the comments that go along with it makes me feel like we are doing the right thing here. We are trying to create a community of learners who WANT to be here and are willing to share, reveal, critique, and discover some things about (learning) the planet we live on. Good for us!

Saturday I watched the ever interesting Jim Groom  in the video below talk about the use of blogs and the open environments we in this class now find ourselves. I think that the expression of theses “open” “mooc” environments is just in its infancy. It will take a lot of unlearning on our part to get to a place where we, as a whole, feel this is a better version of the walled/secure classrooms we normally find ourselves in. It is not THE right answer for all classes, but it is certainly an option worth looking at for any class.

Part of this class is about owning your own space on these interwebs. Creating and maintaining a place of operation, or as Gardner Campbell so wonderfully describes it, a personal cyberstructure.


Norm, you inspired me and welcome to the class! Thanks for sharing with us and being a part of the group.

Here We Go!

It is day two of this course and I have a couple things going on thus far. In my mentor role I have contacted my mentees who are from all over the world, literally. They have responded and we are connected in that fashion. Today I will take a peek at where they are in their blog spaces and comment.

I am also offering a Google+ session in twenty minutes and I only know I am still trying to figure out the invite process and what public really means in terms of having a hangout. So I am partly lost, but I’ll not get any better if I do not get out there and try. You can see upcoming synchronous session here. I am also excited to participate in the Collaborate session this afternoon with some of the POT folks.

This morning I watched the video below and was again inspired by the potential of this class to help me connect to people and learn from them. I could sit here in my office and read a book. In fact, I do that too. Or I could from a group and talk with them around a table. I guess I do that too. But I can also use this internet thing to see, hear, and exchange ideas with others. That is helpful to me and my role at this college and as a community educator in the broadest sense of the word.

I read this article last night about Blackboard and was interested in how hard it is to turn large ships. I am worried that we will continue to use tools that do not really do what the internet is supposed to do. Which I think, is to connect, not secure. I am very interested in risk management and how it relates to learning and how teachers can allow for risk without letting kids fall and injure themselves.

Some ramblings on this Friday morning! Let’s go!

Here is a great video about change and a wonderful way to start your day!

Hello All

My name is Todd and I am really excited to see how things go in this space for teachers.

Our Girls & A Summer Day at the Beach

My job is to be a great husband and excellent father. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and two smart and kind daughters. We like to read, hike, garden, play Halo, sing Anime, watch movies, dance, dance, and more dance.

I taught high school English for ten years before finding myself as an instructional designer at a small community college in the vast high desert of Arizona. I live right where I want to be. It is beautiful.

My role at the college is varied. I work with teachers in a variety of venues and share things with them that are used in F2F, hybrid, and online courses. My background in education lends itself more to field trips, experiential learning strategies, crafts, and sitting under trees writing poems. But, I like how computers can add some value to things and I do not ignore that.

I participated in an open online course earlier this year. I was an amazing experience. I developed relationships in this online space that were inspiring and pushed me in my understanding of the internet and how it might be used in “academic” settings.

I am excited by the opportunity to learn in this space over the next year and I look forward to some challenges!


Hello and a WordPress Workshop for Yavapai College

Today I am leading our first ever WordPress workshop at Yavapai College. It is pretty exciting for me as I have long been encouraging instructors to use tools like Blogger, WordPress, wiki environments, and Ning type spaces for course content, course interaction, or as places to create professional portfolios. We have several folks doing just that and there are some examples of our instructors sites and others, inclusing a couple from Lisa Lane, on the site I am going to use as a resource or gathering point. Not real sure yet.

I am interested to see if I can keep the group going beyond one meeting. We will see.

I am also very excited about this course and learning from all the people who participate. Here is some information about me and what I am lucky enough to get to do. If you want to see what I think is important you can see that here in images.

I look forward to meeting all of you.