Hello there #openlearning17


I am participating in the class to find some more awesome “faculty development” ideas. Just the #openlearning17 course itself is a good opportunity I can share with faculty here. I need those. I am an instructional designer these last ten years and a high school English teacher the 10 years prior. I love working with people.

While I am looking for good ideas, I also have a couple to share that you might be able to use in some way. So, I’ll do that.

The first is a “reflective writing” challenge that began at Yavapai College in Arizona. Faculty were asked to write 25 sentences a week about teaching and learning for nine weeks on the open web. They did, and so did faculty at other colleges. The link here has more description and links to all the writings. It is still very successful.

Another was to build a group of videos created by faculty about teaching. The vision was a wall of short videos that anyone could pick and choose from and maybe learn something from. There was also the advantage of getting faculty to create video content which was new to many of them. So they not only shared what they do, but learned something new in the process. There are links to the videos created by a few schools there too.

We had tried to get faculty to give us “tours” of their courses and that worked pretty well. I think we did have about 10 one time but some disappeared from faculty YouTube channels and we did not pursue getting them back. I don’t know why. But the idea was good and after a few brave faculty shared their online courses, a few more did.

The first year we did the open house the classes were totally open. Now it looks like college credentials are needed to access them. But the idea of an “Open House” worked really well. http://www.telswebletter.com/openhouse/

If you have any questions about any of those things I’d be happy to answer questions if you have them.