Webletter Mock up

Are you ready to march with us? You can find directions and propaganda here. Don’t want to march with us? Well, you can see our march below and learn from the participants by simply clicking the play button on any video! They all play full screen if you click the icon in the lower right corner of the player! This is a peaceful march, so please, no screaming obscenities, throwing objects, flipping cars, or demeaning those who do not support our noble cause.


KARLY WAY Best Practice: Accessibility and regular feedback

THATCHER BOHRMAN Best Practice: Substantial feedback

MARK DeLONG & TRACY RUSSO How Professional Development looks at NMU!

KARLY WAY Best Practice: Accessibility and regular feedback

JOANNE OELLERS Best Practice: Learner Support in Syllabus

SUZANNE WALDENBERGER Best Practice: Using media for documentation

CHARLES LOHMAN Best Practice: Guidance on how to obtain accommodation

TINA LUFFMAN Best Practice: Materials used in the course are appropriately cited

SAL BUFFO Best Practice: Designing engaging activities

LARRY GRIMM Best Practice: Creating classroom lectures using Tegrity

CURTIS KLEINMAN Best Practice: Course technology supports engagement

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